Wonders of Socotra Island, Yemen. White beaches, dragon trees and Bedouin life

+ flight to Socotra and back home
8 days

What you get

Out-of-this-world landscapes
lagoons, caves, canyons
All transportation
is included
Professional tour leader - traveler
All food
is included
3 nights in hotels and 4 in tents
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

Wonders of Socotra Island, Yemen. White beaches, dragon trees and Bedouin life

Forget the famous beaches, which the "experts" call the most beautiful in the world. They just haven't been to Socotra!

  • Touch the most unusual trees on our planet - dragon tree, frankincense tree, and bottle tree
  • Enjoy dinner and tea in the Bedouin village and go fishing with local men
  • Watch hundreds of wild dolphins, huge turtles, octopuses, and ball fish
  • Explore completely unspoiled white beaches with no one but us
  • Meet unforgettable sunrises and see the sun over the horizon at the top of huge snow-white dunes

Trip code


03 October, Sun 10 October, Sun
$ 1720
07 November, Sun 14 November, Sun
$ 1720

Day 1

Delisha beach White sand dunes Freshwater lagoon

We arrive at the only airport on the island, meet the guide and head to the Delisha beach. Let`s begin our small group trip to Socotra in this heavenly place where the sand is snow-white, the water is blue and merges with the same clear sky on the horizon... There will be no one here except us!

Next, we swim in the fresh water lagoon close to the beach and climb the white sand dunes, perfect place to observe the huge ships that travel between Africa and India. Thousands of years ago, the most ancient trade routes passed through these waters of the Arabian Sea. From here, in the 13th century, the Arabs began the conquest of all of South Asia.

We watch the sun go under the horizon while our local guides make a fire, cook dinner, and set up tents for the night.

Day 2

Homhil National Park Dragon trees Frankincense trees Archer dunes

After breakfast on the beach we head to the Homhil National Park (about 1 hour on the way). Here we will see the most unusual trees on our planet! We are greeted by the sacred boswelia grove, which is also called the incense tree. Frankincense is made from the aromatic resin of these tree.

Next, we see giant mushrooms, which seem to have come to life from the "The Lord of the Rings" saga. This is dracaena draco, known as the dragon tree - the symbol of the island. They grow only on Socotra, and from the resin they get "dragon's blood" - a substance of bright red color, which is used in medicine. The park is also known for the cucumber trees - dendrosicios. They really resemble cucumbers, into which leaves have been stuck on top.

We reach the natural pool of emerald color. The water here is pure! After swimming let`s walk down to the beach. Next, we head to Archer dunes 150 meters high. After dinner we go to the the hotel for the night.

Day 3

Hog cave Folk museum Dihamri Marine Area Fishing with locals

In the morning let`s leave for the Hog cave (2 hours on the way) to explore the undeground life of the island. We will walk about 2.5 kilometers deep inside the cave, admiring bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. This undeground world has its own rivers and lakes, as well as rock paintings of people who lived here in prehistoric times.

Next, is the only folk museum on Socotra, home to the traditional jewelry, musical instruments, clothes and even boats. We will also see old rare pictures of the island and try to imagine what life was like here a hundred years ago. 

It's time to get to know the marine life of the island. We go to the Dihamri Marine Area for diving or snorkelling. You can also go fishing with local fishermen. We will cook the catch in the evening and enjoy it all together!

Day 4

Diksam plateau Wadi Derhur canyon Shebakhon observation deck Night in the Bedouin village

We leave for the Diksam plateau - a rocky plain with rare bushes and unearthly trees. After admiring the view from the Shebakhon observation deck we head down to the Bedouin village of Diksam, where the head of the village will meet us. He will lead us through the streets between simple stone houses. Yes, these people share the 21st century with the rest of the world.

Next stop - Wadi Derhur canyon which is an hour away. Here, in a rocky rift, a mountain river flows, feeding palm trees and bushes - a true oasis among the rocks. We walk among the dragon trees and return to the village for dinner and tea with hospitable Bedouins. We spend the night at the house of local residents.

Day 5

Degub cave Omaq Beach Hayf dunes

In the morning we drive to the Degub cave (2 hours on the way). Have you noticed that our local guides often hum to themselves? No wonder Socotra is known in Yemen as the island of poets. Once a year, an island holds traditional poetry competition. Legends say that the most famous local poet Fatima al-Suqutriyya, who lived in the 9th century, saved Socotra from the Ethiopian conquerors with her verses.

We walk through the cave, and admire the view of the tiny villages scattered in the valley below, and then descend to Omaq Beach to relax and swim. After lunch and traditional sweet tea on the beach we drive to Hayf. Again dazzling white sands all the way to the horizon! One wants to pinch himself just to check if this incredible picture is real.

In the evening we return to Omaq beach, where we will enjoy dinner and spend the night in tents to the sound of the sea.

Day 6

Qalansiyah Detwah lagoon

After breakfast on the beach we drive to Qalansiyah, the second largest town on Socotra (2 hours on the way). Only four thousand people live here, and almost all of them are fishermen. We are heading to Detwah lagoon, where the most famous beach of the island is located. We saw a lot of paradise beaches, but, you must admit, this one is simply breathtaking!

Laguna Detwah is home to many exotic marine inhabitants. We will see amphibian sea snakes, huge turtles and octopuses, squid, ball fish, sea urchins and huge shells. Another day in paradise is drawing to a close. We watch the sun sink into clear water and settle in tents on the beach.

Day 7

Riding traditional dhow boats Spinner dolphins Shoub beach

We board the traditional dhow sailing boats with the local fishermen and sail to the Shoub beach. Look around - we can be accompanied by flocks of spinner dolphins. They are known for their love of acrobatic stunts in the air. There are hundreds of them here!

Have you ever seen water this transparent? We doubt it. And the colors! Orange rocks, completely white sand, turquoise water... After swimming and lunch on the beach we bid farewell to the paradise and head back to Qalansiyah. From here we head to the main city of Hadibo and check into a hotel.

Day 8

​Hadibo Fish market

Hadibo is the main city of Socotra, although only eight thousand people live here. If you have time before flying home, you can visit the colorful fish market on the outskirts of the town, or explore the local shops. People from all corners of the island come here for everything they need - from clothes to fuel.

Don't forget about souvenirs! Consider the local wild honey, dried aromatic dragon and frankincense resins, and traditional men's futa skirts.

Our group trip to Socotra has come to an end. Thank you for exploring this mesmerising corner of our world with us!

Tour leader

Nadiya Chernysh

Подходит ли вам это путешествие?

This trip is of easy level of physical grade. We will be using off-road vehicles, making short journeys with stops at interesting places along the way. We will spend three nights in simple hotels with hot water and amenities, and four nights in tents. We will eat food prepared by our local guides, as well as in local cafes.

Стоимость путешествия включает:

  1. All transportation including SUVs and boats
  2. Accommodation in hotels and tents
  3. All meals including bottled water
  4. All permits and tickets to national parks
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Socotra Island (Let us know if you need help finding the best tickets)
  2. Visa (approximately $100).


Yemen does not issue tourist visas.

We will obtain visas to visit Socotra Island for the whole group with the help of our local partners.

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