Singapore, Hong Kong, New Year on uninhabited island in the Philippines

+ flight to Singapore and from Manila/Hong Kong back home
21 days

What you get

Three countries
Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
To all domestic flights
20 nights
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

Singapore, Hong Kong, New Year on uninhabited island in the Philippines

The most developed megacities and the wildest islands of our planet - in one unique handmade trip! We will celebrate the New Year on a small desert island, enjoying seafood, white sand, clear water and the absence of civilization. 

  • See the forest of skyscrapers under your feet from the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong
  • Enjoy white sand and clear water of the wild islands near Palawan in the Philippines
  • Savour Singapore's most famous dishes in Chinatown 
  • Meet the animals in one of the best zoos in the world
  • Watch light shows in futuristic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore 
  • Conquer the active Taal volcano on horseback and discover the lake inside

Trip code
Philippines,Hong Kong, Singapore


20 December, Mon 09 January, Sun
$ 2768
Доплата $500 за одноместное проживание. Стоимость путешествия для ребенка (до 12 лет) $1830
+ $500 for single accommodation. The price of the trip for the child below age 12 $1830

Day 1 - 3

Singapore Chinatown temples and food Light shows Botanical gardens Singapore zoo History museum Marina bay sands hotel

We arrive in Singapore, and check into a hotel in Geylang area. We get to the observation deck on top of the famous Marina bay sands hotel to see the skyscrapers and the sunset in the sea. Watch two light shows - one near the hotel, and the other in the futuristic Gardens by the bay. This is just the first day of our group trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines!

In the morning we head to Chinatown, probably the most vibrant part of Singapore. We will visit the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth of the Buddha, the main Hindu temple of the country, and then indulge in gastronomic pleasures at the most famous food court. Here they cook the most popular dishes of Singapore! 

Full and happy, we head to the Botanical Gardens, which is considered one of the best in the world. Particularly impressive is the collection of orchids, which consists of 1200 species and 2 thousand hybrids! Next, one of the best zoo in the world. Its inhabitants feel at ease here. Watch penguins swimming through glass in a special air-conditioned room, look at the amazingly elegant white tigers, funny Madagascar lemurs, and big-nosed monkeys. 

Full of impressions, we go to the Singapore History Museum to learn the secret of this country's success. How did a tiny state without resources manage to become one of the richest in the world in just a few decades?

Day 4 - 6

Hong Kong Chungking Mansions Tai O fishing village Big Buddha Victoria Peak Ngong Ping 360 cable car

We arrive in Hong Kong and check into the famous Chungking Mansions. In the evening we go for a walk along the Victoria Harbor to watch the ships and the neon lights that flood the forest of skyscrapers on Hong Kong island. This is the financial heart of the world - the business areas of Hong Kong. Do not forget to look below - we are walking along the Avenue of Stars of Hong Kong cinema! How many movie stars besides Jackie Chan and John Woo do you know? We watch the light show, and enjoy dinner at the very center of nightlife - on Temple Street. 

In the morning, we take a ferry to Lantau Island and visit the fishing village of Tai O. Here one cannot see even a single tall building, only impassable wild jungles and deserted beaches surround us. In the village many people still live in small houses on the water and move around by motorboats. Yes, this is also Hong Kong! We enjoy fresh seafood, try snails in soy sauce and the unusual hibiscus flowers drink. We take a bus to the other side of the island and face the huge bronze Buddha, the symbol of Hong Kong. 268 steps - and we stand at the feet of a 34 meters tall statue. We take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car down. 

In the evening, we visit the famous dim sum restaurant, with traditional steam cuisine of southern China. The restaurant has a prestigious international quality mark - a Michelin star and is known as the most affordable restaurant with a Michelin star in the world! 

The next day we take a ferry to Hong Kong Island to explore the jungle of glass and concrete, and then take a cable car to Victoria Peak. Prepare cameras - the views are amazing. Where else can you take a selfie with thousands of skyscrapers under your feet? In the evening we fly to Manila - the capital of the Philippines and check into a hotel in Ermita district. 

Day 7 - 8

Capital Manila Old city Intramuros Rizal park Cathedral of St. Augustine Taal volcano

In the morning we go to the old town of Intramuros and from the 21st century move to 16th. Stone streets between elegant Spanish-style houses, carts with horses on the pavement, here and there we stumble upon officially forbidden, but frequent cock-fighting with stakes. We walk to the grandiose Cathedral of St. Augustine of the 16th century - the favorite place of Filipino lovers. Almost certainly we will see a wedding here - with rose petals, limousines, sounds of organ and fabulous outfits. 

Next, we enjoy Rizal Park. Here we will not only see locals enjoing themselves, but also learn about the national hero of the country - Lapu-Lapu, whose huge monument stands in the park. He is known as the 16th centure ruler of Mactan island who resisted Spanish colonialists, and killed the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. 

We may also make a trip to Taal volcano (about 2 hours by bus). This unique place is the second most active volcano of the Philippines, located in the middle of a huge lake. First, on boats, and then on horseback, we will reach the crater and find another lake there.

Day 9 - 13

Palawan island Secret beach Tiny islands, waterfalls and lagoons New Year on the virgin island

A short flight - and we are on Palawan Island, the most remote and distinctive island of the country. Here we will continue our guided tour to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. We take a minivan to the town of El Nido (5-6 hours on the way). We will be driving through small villages where most houses are the same as they were thousands of years ago - wooden, and on tall stilts.  The most popular transport here is a buffalo-pulled carriage, but instead of wheels it has slides! At the same time, all locals have smart phones and use mobile Internet. 

We check into a guesthouse near the sea. We will visit a secret beach, where tourists do not go and walk along the jungle paths to the pristine waterfall. We will also spend our days exploring the tiny islands, bays and cliffs, swimming and enjoying the underwater world. Imagine that you ride a traditional boat to the island covered with huge rocks. You jump into the turquoise water, swim into a small hole in the rock - and suddenly find yourself in a secret lagoon with palm trees, chirping birds, colorful fish and white sand. 

On a pristine island we will celebrate New Year. We will swim, enjoy food cooked on bonfire, drink local rum and talk about life with our assistants - boat captains.

Day 14 - 15

Iloilo city Unique churches Guimaras island Guisi lighthouse Beaches and mango

Early in the morning we go to the airport by minibus (approximately 5-6 hours) and fly to Iloilo where we will continue our small group trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. We check into a hotel, have lunch, and then visit the church of St. Thomas. This is a unique building of the 18th century with massive walls almost 2 meters thick, an unusual color and with many details on the facade. Filipinos say that there is not a single other church like this one on their hundreds of islands! 

Another famous local church is known as the temple of women. It was built in honor of St. Anne in the 19th century. Red steeples crown this building, rising to the sky in the Gothic style. A huge wooden altar inside is decorated with statues of 16 female saints. 

The next day, we take a ferry to the nearby Guimaras island - a favorite resort of local residents. Here we will visit several beautiful beaches, try all the local types of mangoes. Through the ruins of a Spanish town of the 18th century, we make our way up to the Guisi lighthouse, the country's second oldest lighthouse. The view of the bay from here is beautiful!

Day 16 - 17

Mambukal hot springs The biggest flying foxes in the world Dumaguete Famous seafood restaurant

We take a ferry to city of Bacolod on the island of Negros, and then take a bus to the foot of the Kanlaon volcano (2 hours on the way). We check into a hotel near the hot springs in the Mambukal resort. We walk to a mountain waterfall, and spend the evening sitting in the warm water of a mineral spring, listening to the silence and the sound of water and watching hundreds of flying foxes — the biggest bats in the world!

In the morning we go to Dumaguete by bus (about 4-5 hours on the way), and check into a hotel. In the evening, we visit the famous seafood restaurant and enjoy the seafront promenade.

Day 18 - 21

Swimming with whale sharks Panglao island Bohol island Park of tarsiers Tiny islands Chocolate hills

In the morning we continue our guided tour to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines and take a ferry to the Oslob town on the Cebu island (1 hour on the way). We will go swimming with unique animals - whale sharks in the open sea. The whale shark can reach 8 meters in length. Approaching it will be scary! But it feeds only on plankton, and is not dangerous for humans. On the contrary, people are dangerous for this gentle sea giants. Human hands can leave burns and scratches on their skin. So, please, avoid close contact! 

Still shaking from thrilling experiences, we take a ferry to Panglao Island (2 hours on the way), where we check into bungalows on Alona beach. We will travel to the neighboring island of Bohol to watch the legendary Chocolate Hills - one of the most famous natural wonders in the Philippines. From the viewing platform on one of the hills we will see an unusual view - tens of square kilometers covered with hundreds of round hills. Locals have their own version of how these hills appeared here, and it has nothing to do with chocolate! 

Nearby is another unique place - the park of wild tarsiers. One of the smallest primates in the world, are known for their huge eyes. They seem like toys hugging the trunks of trees with tiny fingers. The slightest noise - and daytime sleepyheads open their bottomless green eyes! After reviewing all the sights of Bohol, we return to Panglao to rest and enjoy trips to the tiny nearby islands for swimming. 

On the last day of your stay at Panglao, we go to the airport and fly to Manila. Then we fly to Hong Kong, check into the same hotel and next morning fly back home. Our group trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Tour leader

Yevgeniy Ikhelzon
co-founder, tour leader
Oleksandr Levytskyi
tour leader
Anton Kobylyanskyy
tour guide

Подходит ли вам это путешествие?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It consists of visiting cities and towns where we will take long walks and short easy hikes in the jungle. We will also ride ferries, and boats, buses or minivans (for up to 6 hours) and take six short domestic flights. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels. Each room will have own attached bathroom with hot water and wi fi internet. During our stay in El Nido we might stay in double/twin rooms of tourist class guesthouse. Each room will have own bathroom and wi fi internet but might not have hot water.

Стоимость путешествия включает:

  1. Six domestic flights;
  2. Accommodation during the entire trip;
  3. All transportation, including buses, ferries, boats, minivans and public transportation;
  4. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Singapore and from Manila (or Hong Kong) back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Entrance fees to museums, parks and other attractions ($200);
  4. Food (in Hong Kong and Singapore– $15-25 per person per day, in the Philippines - $12-20);
  5. Renting diving and snorkeling equipment;


Citizens of almost all countries do not need visa to enter Hong Kong and Singapore.

Citizens of most countries also do not need visa to enter the Philippines. Those who need a visa has to apply for it in the Philippino embassy in the country of residence prior to the trip.

We provide free visa consulting for clients.  

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Hong Kong
Price: + $15
Prepaid local sim card with unlimited internet for 7 days

3G mobile internet in the Philippines
Price: + $25
Local prepaid sim card with unlimited 3G internet

3G mobile internet in Singapore
Price: + $10
Prepaid local sim card with minimal 3G package

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