New Year on Togean islands, Java and Bali

+ flight to Makassar and back home from Bali
18 days

What you get

Volcanoes, cities and islands
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
On Togean islands
18 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

New Year on Togean islands, Java and Bali

We begin with the celebration of an unforgettable New Year on the paradise Togean Islands. Imagine being with only a few like-minded people on a picturesque beach away from civilization. No tourists!  And then we will visit the most stunning places on two main islands of Indonesia. 

  • Discover the main shrines of the country - the famous complexes Borobodur and Prambanan
  • Feel like on another planet among the martian landscapes on top of Bromo and Ijen volcanoes 
  • Watch traditional Kechak fire dancing in Bali
  • Jump in picturesque waterfalls in the middle of the pristine jungle
  • Visit the last sea nomads of the world - Sama-Bajau people

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Indonesia,Bali,Jawa,Sulawesi,Toraja,Prambanan,Borobudur,Ijen, Bromo,Togean islands


29 December, Tue 15 January, Fri
$ 1998

Day 1 - 3

Ampana New Year on the island

We arrive in the Makassar on the island of Sulawesi and check into the hotel in the transit zone of the airport. Here we begin our group trip to Indonesia! In the morning we fly to Luwuk, and take a car to Ampana (5 hours on the way). This is a small town that serves as the gateway to the Togean Islands. We will walk through the authentic city, visited by vary few foreigners and spend the night in the hotel.  

In the morning we take a speedboat to the main port of Togean (1.5 hours on the way). From here we take a boat to our bungalows on the beach - and we are in paradise! Imagine kilometers of the cleanest beach, clear turquoise water, picturesque wild jungle, lack of roads and communication. We will celebrate New Year on the beach of a very small beautiful island. We will swim, eat food cooked on the fire, dance and enjoy the complete absence of the so-called civilization.

Day 4 - 8

Uninhabited islands and beaches Villages of Sama-Bajau people Jellyfish lake Diving and snorkeling

We continue our guided tour to Indonesia and spend five unforgettable days on the pristine Togean Islands. We will explore tiny uninhabited islands  to find cozy beaches and beautiful places. Let's see a jellyfish lake, take a walk through the jungle to meet the hornbills and hunt for coconut crabs. Be sure to explore the underwater world - after all, these waters are home to the 96% of the coral species existing in the world! 

We will also meet the last sea nomads - the Sama-Bajau people. Some of them live in the villages on the water in small wooden houses on stilts. We will explore the streets of this unusual settlements, play with curious children, get acquainted with the local way of life and walk the hill to appreciate the views. 

On the fifth day after breakfast, we bid farewell to Togeans, return to Ampana and drive to Luwuk (5 hours on the way).

Day 9 - 11

Cultural capital Yogyakarta Prambanan and Borobudur Muslim districts Market of traditional medicine and spices

In the morning we travel to Makassar and fly to Yogyakarta on the island of Java. Our guided tour to Indonesia has taken us to the cultural capital of the country. We head to the Kraton palace, where the Sultans of Yogyakarta have been living since the 18th century. A whole city in the city, it boasts cafes and shops, and several unique museums. One part os the palace is still home to the sultan's family.

After lunch we go to Prambanan, the complex of Hindu temples, where we learn more about Hinduism in Indonesia. The complex consists of many temples dedicated to Hindu gods and was built in the 9th century. The highest temple of Shiva has a height of 47 meters! It is hard to believe that just a hundred years after construction, these grand buildings were abandoned and soon fell into neglect.

In the morning we go to the 9th century Borobudur Buddhist stupa - one of the largest in the world! This grand structure consists of nine platforms with 504 Buddha statues. People who are a little familiar with Buddhism can read this stupa like a book. Here we will learn about the dramatic story of the birth of Buddha Shakyamuni, about his years of spiritual quest, the main principles of his teaching and about his departure to parinirvana... Now imagine that all this amazing structure stands in the background of two huge volcanoes! 

In the evening we walk through the Muslim quarters of Yogyakarta, observe very authentic life, visit a restaurant in a traditional Javanese house and a market of medicinal plants and spices.

Day 12 - 14

Sunrise on top of the Bromo and Ijen volcanoes Madakaripura waterfalls Bali

In the morning, we will fly to Surabaya (1 hour on the way) and take a minibus to the village of Chemore Lavang (3.5 hours), where we check into a hotel. Very early in the morning we take jeeps to the crater of the volcano to a height of 2.329 meters above sea level and enjoy an incredibly beautiful sunrise. Watch the first rays of the sun illuminate the horizon, flooding the valley and neighboring volcanoes with pink light. What a daily miracle happens every morning in the world, while most people are sleeping! Feel the power of our planet under your feet - we are standing at the crater of an active volcano, which last erupted in 2015! 

We will walk along the crater, and then return to the hotel for breakfast. After some rest, we leave for Bondovoso (6 hours on the way) and check into a hotel near the Ijen volcano. On the way, we will stop at the Madakaripura waterfalls. To get to the highest 200-meter waterfall, we have to wade under falling jets of cool water! 

Very early in the morning we begin our walk to the top of the Ijen volcano. In about an hour and a half we will get to the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level. Even from afar, we observe a strange blue glow in the dark. We come closer and see how hundreds of people carry large baskets out of this huge blue flame. What a mystical sight! This is the acid lake in the crater of Ijen volcano, and men who work on its shores are workers who extract sulfur here every night. 

We walk down to the hotel. After breakfast we take a bus and a ferry to Bali (2-3 hours on the way) where we continue our small group trip to Indonesia. We check into a hotel in the north of the island and enjoy the volcanic beach.

Day 15 - 18

Beaches of Bali Rafting on Ayung river Palace of Ubud rulers Kechak fire dances

We spend three days, enjoying Bali, the world-famous resort island. Let`s explore these stunning coffee plantations, swim in pristine waterfalls, visit the beach hidden between the steep slopes in the south of the island and make a ten-kilometer rafting down the fabulous Ayung River.

We will also discover main historical sights - the palace of the rulers of Ubud and the temple on the Bratan Lake. We will also go to the Tirta Empul temple, which is famous for its sacred water springs. Hindus come here to perform ritual ablutions and to cleanse themselves from sins. 

The culmination of our stay in Bali is the famous Kechak traditional fire dances in the temple on the edge of a 70-meter cliff! On the last day of the morning we go to the airport and fly home. Our group trip to Indonesia has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Tour leader

Oleksandr Levytskyi
tour leader

Подходит ли вам это путешествие?

The trip is of light physical grade. Expect long city walks, and two night bus trips. We will also take four domestic flights, and one long daytime ride in hired minivans with sightseeing on the way (13-15 hours). Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels. Every room will have attached bathroom with hot water, and wi fi internet. Accommodation on Togean islands can be chosen in additional options.

Стоимость путешествия включает:

  1. All domestic flights;
  2. All accommodation, including twin and triple rooms of tourist class hotels;
  3. All transportation including buses, boats, ferries, hired and public transport;
  4. All meals during our stay on Togean islands + breakfasts in some hotels during the rest of the trip;
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Makassar and from Bali back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Entrance fees to temples, parks and other attractions (up to $160-200) and additional excursions on the islands ($40-100);
  4. Diving (from $33 per dive or PADI Open Water diving course including 5 dives, test and certification – $390);
  5. Snorkeling ($7-10 per day for snorkeling gear rent);
  6. Food ($8-15 per person per day).


Indonesia is visa free for citizens of most countries.

We provide free visa consulting services for our clients.

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Indonesia
Price: + $12
Local prepaid sim card with 2GB internet package

Deluxe hotel room on Togean islands
Price: + $30
Double/Twin room during your stay on Togean islands

VIP hotel room on Togean islands
Price: + $60
Double/Twin room during your stay on Togean islands

Bungalow on Togean islands
Price: + $120
A private bungalow during your stay on Togean islands

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