Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos

+ flight to Mandalay and from Vientiane back home
18 days

What you get

3 countries
Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Included during the entire trip
Guiding services
Professional guide-traveler
That will last forever
17 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos

In 18 days you will visit three exotic countries - a completely different, mysterious world. 

  • Take part in Buddhist rituals with monks in Luang Prabang
  • Meet the "one-legged" fishermen of the Inta tribe and women from the long-necked tribe
  • Explore Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia - the largest religious building in the world
  • Sunbathe on the wild beaches of Myanmar and dive into the turquoise water of the Kuang Si Falls in Laos
  • Walk along the banks of the Mekong River and see the French colonial architecture in Vientiane
  • Meet the dawn among hundreds of 9th century stupas in Burmese Bagan

Trip code


23 October, Sun 09 November, Wed
$ 2504
Доплата за одноместное размещение $300. Стоимость за ребенка (до 12 лет) $1900
Accommodation in single rooms during the entire trip costs additional $300.

Day 1 - 2

Ancient capital Mingun Pagoda Mingun Paya White pagoda Hsinbyume Mandalay

Arrival in Mandalay, checking into a hotel, walk through the central part of the city and first acquaintance with local cuisine. We will try traditional salad of pickled tea leafs and soups. In the morning we go to the suburb of Mandalay - the ancient capital of Mingun. We will visit a huge Buddhist stupa carved into the rock. They began to build it in 1790, but deliberately left unfinished - the king believed that as soon as the stupa was completed, he would die. We will also see the most unusual white pagoda Hsinbyume. Many call it the Taj Mahal of Myanmar because it was erected by the order of the ruler in honor of his wife who died at childbirth. In the evening we go by bus to Bagan (5.5 hours on the way).

Day 3

Bagan, the capital of Pagan kingdom Thousands of old stupas

Arrival in Bagan, checking into the hotel. We will explore one of the oldest temple complexes in the world - thousands of pagodas and stupas scattered over a vast territory. We will enjoy sunset on one of the most beautiful pagodas of the ancient Pagan kingdom. This ancient state existed from the 9th to the 13th century and for the first time in history united almost all the lands of modern Myanmar.

Day 4 - 5

Villages on Inle lake "One-legged" fishermen Long-necked tribe Factory of threads from lotus

We get up before dawn and go to meet the first rays of the sun among the mysterious stupas and buildings of Bagan. In the evening we take a bus to Inle Lake - one of the wonders of modern Myanmar (7 hours on the way).

We will spend the day riding a boat on an incredibly beautiful lake. We will look at the life of people living on the water, see floating vegetable gardens and fields, "one-legged" fishermen of the Inta tribe, women from the long-necked tribe, ancient temple complexes and golden stupas. We will also visit a unique factory of threads from the stems of the lotus, and have lunch in a floating restaurant.

Day 6 - 7

White sand beaches on Ngapali beach Seafood

In the morning we will take a short flight (1 hour) to the south. After lunch, we check into a hotel on the beach. We enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia - Ngapali. Kilometers of white sand, turquoise sea, massage, spa, seafood - everyone will find something to their liking.

Day 8

Capital of Myanmar - Yangon British colonial architecture Golden Shwedagon pagoda

In the morning we will make a short flight to Yangon (50 minutes). We check into a hotel and walk in one of the most colorful cities in the world. Closer to sunset, we will go to one of the wonders of the Buddhist world - the incredible golden pagoda Shwedagon.

Day 9 - 11

Angkor Wat complex

Morning flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia. Checking into a hotel. Early in the morning we go to Angkor Wat complex 5 km from Siem Reap. This is the largest temple complex in the world. We will spend two days marveling at the stunning temple complexes and grandiose monasteries built in the 12th century! You will recognize many temples from the famous film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" which was filmed here.

Day 12

Tonle Sap lake Zip Line in the jungle Biking in the countryside

Free day. You can continue to explore Angkor Wat, take biking tours in the countryside or take a trip to Tonle Sap lake - the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. There we will be explorig the lake on the boat, visiting the villages on the water. You will see locals visiting the food market, their unusual public transport and what they have instead of parks and forests.

Day 13 - 14

Alms giving ceremony Royal temple of Laotian kings Kuang Si Falls Royal capital of Laos - Luang Prabang

Morning flight to Luang Prabang. Checking into a hotel. We will visit the local night market known for its unique handicrafts - authentic textiles, bamboo dishes, traditional snake wine and purses made of local silk with unique embroidery. Luang Prabang is one of UNESCO world heritage sites, an old royal capital with grand temples and cozy streets. We will visit all most prominent sites, participate in early morning alms giving ceremony and enjoy Kuang Si Falls. Known as the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in Northern Laos, it boasts 4 cascades with the largest one reaching 54 meters! The water here is turquoise.

Day 16

Walk in the giant cave Blue lagoon Vang Vieng

In the morning you go to the city of Vang Vieng, which is known for its nature - karst rocks and the Nam Song river. You will spend 8 hours in the bus, admiring the picturesque mountain road. We check into a hotel and dine in a traditional restaurant by the river. In the morning we will visit the famous cave on the outskirts of Vang Vieng and after lunch go to Blue lagoon - an amazing place for swimming and rest.

Day 17 - 18

Laotian capital Vientiane French colonial architecture Sunset on the Mekong river

Bus to Vientiane (4-5 hours on the way), checking into a hotel. We will get lost in the cozy streets of the city for a few hours, see the Arc de Triomphe and other French colonial architecture, visit a few Buddhist temples. As you will be standing on the Mekong river with a cold sugarcane juice, enjoying the sunset, smile and feel like a person, changed by this trip. Next morning we go to the airport and fly back home, taking unforgettable memories with us.

Tour leader

Sergiy Pylypenko
tour guide

Подходит ли вам это путешествие?

This trip is of light physical grade. It includes three night trips in comfortable buses, short bus trips and four short flights. We will also take walks in towns and villages, and ride boats. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels, all will have hot water and wi fi internet.

Стоимость путешествия включает:

  1. Four flights;
  2. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels during the entire trip;
  3. Breakfasts in some hotels;
  4. All transportation including buses, boats, taxi;
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Mandalay and from Vientiane back home;
  2. Visa to Myanmar ($50), Cambodia ($30), Laos ($30);
  3. Entry tickets to temples, parks and other attractions;
  4. Food.


Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos. 

Visa to Laos and Cambodia is received on arrival and cost $30 each.

Visa to Myanmar is received online and costs $50.

We provide free visa consulting for our clients. 

Additional options

Hot air baloon trip over Bagan
Price: + $300
Sunrise baloon flight over stunning Bagan. (Price for one person).

Hot air baloon trip over Vang Vieng
Price: + $200
Sunset flight over beautiful mountains. (Price is for one person).

3G mobile internet in Laos
Price: + $10
Local prepaid sim card with 1GB internet package

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