All colors of Kolkata
Yevgeniy Ikhelzon

All colors of Kolkata

All colors of Kolkata
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One of the most vibrant cities of India, Kolkata is the place where elegant British colonial architecture meets exotic Indian culture. We visit this city each fall within the "Incredible India: Most famous landmarks" trip.

And here is what we see there. (Photos Denys Kutsevalov)

Indian breakfast - puri, kachori and samosa – is the usual assortment of street vendors. Pea soup – dal is usually served with each.

Traditional method of dying fabrics is still widely used in India. Most housewives know how to dunk clothes in the right solution to get the desired color.

Hanuman is one of the most worshiped deities in Bengal. According to the epic "Ramayana" he helped save god Rama’s wife Sita from the evil demon Ravana. To do this, Hanuman jumped over the ocean to Sri Lanka, where the demon kept Sita.

Many people in Kolkata still wear lungi, a sarong worn around male’s waist. Kolkata’s traditional lungi is cotton with geometric pattern.

Cheerful loaders in one of Kolkata’s markets.

View of the bridge over Hooghly River connecting central part of the city with the Hauri area. People living in tents on the banks wash their clothes in the river.

Marigolds - the most popular flowers in India, are used to make garlands for temples, homes and vehicles. They are also used for welcoming guests.

Workers in the flower market hold basket with garlands of marigolds.

A food stall selling beans, spices, turmeric roots and mustard seeds.

Yellow cab is a symbol of Kolkata. Taxis, knows as "Ambassadors" have lived long lives, endured major repairs, but remain the most popular vehicles in the city.

Kolkata is known for dozens of kinds of sweets. They are usually made with semolina, corn, milk, curd, cottage cheese, rose water, sugar and spices. Here you see a man selling one of the simple kinds - gelled sugar.

K.C. Dass is the most known confectionery in India. Open since 1866, it is the place, where rasgulla was invented. This sweet treat is a ball shaped dumplings of chhena and semolina dough, cooked in light syrup of sugar. Clinging to the glass outside, young people watch baseball game.

Indian Museum is the oldest museum in India, open since 1814. It boasts a unique collection of Buddhist sculpture - the oldest date back more than 2.000 years. Ancient sculptures from Afghanistan and Pakistan depict Buddha and his disciples as mustached men with broad faces.

 Victoria Memorial, built during British rule in honor of Queen Victoria is one of the most elegant buildings in the center. It is surrounded by the beautiful old park, popular with locals and tourists alike.