How I love Asia trips are different from other tours?

How I love Asia trips are different from other tours?

Who are we?

I love Asia is a community of experts on Asia, who are passionate about active travel at a honest price. We do not cooperate with tourist companies and tour operators, and specialize in handmade trips, using years of experience of living and travelling in Asia. 

While we specialise in group trips, we also plan independent journeys for those who want to travel with their friends or family, provide guiding services in all parts of Asia, as well as plan long Asia stays. Since 2009, more than 3.000 people from ten countries have been discovering Asia with us. 

Let us take you to genuine Asia, without tourist buses, all inclusive hotels and common touristic spots. Deep immersion into the country means you will live like locals, sleep like locals and move around like locals. Discovering the world is easy, let us show you how!

Why travel with us?

Our experts have been living and travelling in Asia for years, they know the most interesting spots and all details of logistics. Travelling with them means you are not wasting any time.

Since we do not work with travel companies and other intermediaries, your money goes directly to small business of the country we visit. Owners of guesthouses and cafes, bus drivers, rickshaws, boat owners, street vendors are among those who benefit from our trips. Our guides never take you to fancy shops for a commission. We also do not earn a commission on flights or other tickets. Our prices are honest and have no hidden costs. All this means you save money and contribute to the country you visit.

Our style of travel

Most of our trips are dynamic. This means we are usually spending no more than 2-3 days in one place. 

We do not spend much time in hotels, therefore we usually choose simple accommodation of 2-3 star hotels or clean guesthouses.

Usually we move around in public transportation - trains, buses and ferries, also used by locals. If necessary, we hire buses and other vehicles for the group.

We do not eat in restaurants or cafes “for foreigners”, but actively explore local cuisine, choosing places favored by local middle class. At your spare time you are free to pick eateries of your liking.

Details of accommodation, transportation and conditions of each trip are to be found in Conditions section of every trip.

Our story

In 2009 journalist Yevgeniy Ikhelzon quit his job, wrote his own itinerary for a three week India trip and uploaded it to a couple of social networks. 15 people joined him, mostly friends and friends of friends. Soon after he met Orest Bilous, who was managing his Krugozir company and giving lectures about travel. During their long talks about places far away it became clear that they both have passion for Asia, travel logistics and sharing their knowledge with other people.

Turned out, this interest was shared by many. I love Asia now employs  19 guides taking people to 27 Asian countries. Since 2009, more than 3.000 people from ten countries have discovered Asia with us.

First I love Asia trip. Holy Gridhakuta hill in India, 2009.

Registration and address

I love Asia trademark is the property of Orange Brothers Inc. Our registration address is: Level 2, Lot 9, Lazenda Commercial Centre, Phase 3, 87007, Labuan, Malaysia. 

Group travels
Travelling in groups is fun and convenient. It allows you to get to places which are too difficult or expensive to reach alone. Itineraries are designed by our experts and are based on their years of travelling and living in Asia.
Travel on your terms
We will help you do any of our group itineraries on your own, or create your own perfect tailor made trip in Asia.
Your home in Asia
Would you like to move to Asia? We will plan your stay according to your wishes and budget. That includes all tickets, accommodation, finding daycare or school for your little ones, and all kinds of help settling in.
Travel with your personal expert on Asia
Interested in travelling with family or friends while avoiding wasting time and money on planning and organisation? Want to go beyond touristic spots with a real Asia expert? Let one of us guide you on a trip to Asia or a part of it!
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