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Travel on your terms

Travel on your terms

Group trips is what we are known for, but we understand that many people prefer to travel alone, or joined by friends or family. That is when our tailor made trips kick in, ensuring that your trip is convenient, smooth and suits your interests and budget perfectly.

Did you always dream about exploring that special country from within? Are you longing for relaxation on a pristine island far from tourist crowds? Or would you rather hop between Asia’s most famous spots in one dynamic adventure trip? Our experts will plan your perfect getaway, according to your wishes and budget. 


Trip description Price
You travel for up to 15 days (including flights),

You are no more than 2 people,

Visiting no more than 3 countries

You travel for more than 16 days

(including flights),

OR/AND you are 3 or more people,

OR/AND visiting 4 or more countries

  • Price of your tailor made trip includes
  • Preparation of itinerary with a clear description by leaps and bounds
  • Selection and docking best air travel in the country(s) of destination
  • How to purchase tickets or buy tickets (+5% to the cost of the ticket)
  • Full planning internal movement all modes of transport
  • Purchase tickets for all domestic travel (either by purchase instructions if you can not buy)
  • Selection and booking of accommodation (or manual if you can not book)
  • Recommendations for stay in each settlement
  • General recommendations for each country visit
  • Consultations on visa issues
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